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HECHT 676 – Electric Log Splitter


7 Ton log splitter complete with stand & safety guard.

You can set up the machine to operate with or without the stand.

Just plug it in and start splitting with this very good machine and enjoy the benefits of neatly split firewood
HECHT 676 is a log splitter with an electric motor with a power consumption of 2000 W. – you only have access to a 230 V / 50 Hz power supply and you can start! HECHT 676 can chop up the logs up to 52 cm in length.

The maximum pressure that this log splitter can produce is 7 tons.

The weight of the whole splitter is 48 kg. Thanks to the large fixed wheels and the handle, the movement of the splitter is very easy.

In addition, the high construction helps good splitting stability. Thanks to the height of this splitter you do not have to bend so much.


Electric motor
Engine 220v
Power input (W) 2000
Weight (kg) 48
Max.cutting diameter 250
Max. log length 520 mm
Maximum pressure (t) 7
Maximum length of wood (mm) 520