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AL-KO Energy Flex B200 Li 40V / 5.0 Ah Battery



The special feature of this battery are the special cells from Samsung, which allows the compact sized battery, higher performance increasing the working time by up to 33% longer than the 40V / 4 Ah battery.

The 40 V / 5 Ah Li-ion battery from the AL-KO Energy Flex series delivers up to 180 Wh of power.

It allows you to operate all of our AL-KO Energy Flex cordless tools.

The lightweight and compact battery supplies your garden tools with the necessary power for up to 140 minutes (depending on the device and work area as well as external influences).

No memory effect and rechargeable at any time.

Thanks to the Li-ion cells, this battery is exceptionally durable and has no self-discharge.

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Buy the battery for your garden equipment of the EnergyFlex family now in our online shop. 

Our advantages for you

Our two-year manufacturer's warranty included with this battery.