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Husqvarna Aspire B8X-P4A Leaf Blower Kit

Kit includes: 

Husqvarna Aspire B8X-P4A Blower Kit includes: Husqvarna Aspire B8X-P4A Blower, Husqvarna Aspire P4A 18-B72 18V battery (4.0Ah) & Husqvarna Aspire P4A 18-C70 Charger.


The B8X-P4A Blower is 18V battery leaf blower that will make your garden cleaning easier.

Designed for small spaces, storage is made easy with the included hook and removable tube.

Thanks to its 3-step adjustable speed settings it handles anything from delicate flower beds to wet leaves on the lawn.

The comfortable soft grip handle and well balanced, lightweight design make it easy to use.

The B8X-P4A Blower is equipped with smart automatic shutdown and it’s a part of “POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE” battery system.

This means that you only need one battery & compatible charger for all your Husqvarna Aspire home and garden products (Excludes Husqvarna Automower Aspire).