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Husqvarna Chainsaw Filing Kit .325


The Husqvarna Chainsaw Filing Kit .325 Pixel 4.8mm X-Cut SP33G 586933401 is a complete chainsaw filling kit.

It is made up of different tools that can be used to keep your chain in top-notch condition.
What is in the kit?
325″ Pixel X-CUT SP33G Chainsaw File Kit – this tool is used to sharpen the chain.

Keeping the chain of the chainsaw sharp at all times helps to make your work easier.

It also helps to increase the speed with which tasks are accomplished. A sharpened chainsaw is also safer because it requires less effort.
2 x 4.8mm Round Files and 1 Flat File- this tool is also designed for sharpening purposes.

The different kinds of files can be used for different sharpening needs.

They can also be used for different chainsaw models.
Combination Gauge for Accurate Filing- this tool helps to make sure that the filling tasks are accurately accomplished.

It works to make sure that the tasks are completed correctly and help to make maintenance easy.
FileHandle- the filehandle helps to allow for safe use of the filling tools. It also helps to make the task easier and assists in the maintenance of the filling tools.
Sharpening the chainsaw with a file
The process is quite easy, all you need to do is follow the procedure below;
First, you will need to set the file.

You can do so by holding the chainsaw in place on a suitable work surface to keep it from shifting while sharpening.

Use tension adjusting screws to tighten the chain perpendicularly to the direction of the chain. The chain should be tight but still able to move around.

Proceed to mark the first tooth of the chain.

This will help you keep track of the area where you started the sharpening process.

Select the most suitable file, depending on the type of chainsaw you are using. From there, you can set the file in the notch on the front of the cutter and start filing while using a file holder.

Make sure to hold the file at the same angle as the cutter was initially.
Suitable for 136 / 141 / 137 / 142 / 137e / 142