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Husqvarna LC247s Walk Behind Lawnmower


The LC247s is designed for the demanding homeowner seeking a powerful push lawn mower packed with impressive features as well as a thoroughly affordable price tag.

Fitted with a reliable 139cc Husqvarna HS139A engine, this mower features an ultra-durable composite deck and has great maneuverability.

The Husqvarna LC 247 is an ultra-lightweight propelled model lawnmower, it's very easy to move around your garden.

With an 18.5" (47cm) cutting deck, the balance between the deck being large enough for a quick cut and small enough that you can easily work around obstacles is just right.

The 55 Litre grass catcher is large enough to ensure you will not have to empty the bag often whilst cutting.

It also features a dust blocker which prevents the dust from blowing into the operator's face during use. 


Composite Chassis
Durable and light chassis, designed for best collection performance.

Easy Adjustable Handle Bar
Quick and easy adjustment of the handle in two different heights.

Easy Adjust Cutting Height
A well-balanced hand grip makes adjustment of cutting height extra easy and convenient.

Dust Blocker Bag
A collect bag designed to keep dust into the bag, preventing it from blowing into users face, with a 55L grass catcher capacity.

Foldable Handle
Easily foldable handlebar to minimise space required for storage.