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Husqvarna Waist Trousers Technical



Trousers with a modern design with a tight fit and 4-way stretch material for high comfort and ergonomics.

The Aramid and Cordura reinforcement on critical areas and ventilation zippers on the back of the legs give high durability and comfort for long working days.

The high viz orange color at the front of the legs, the big reflective logo, and reflective band at the back gives high visibility in dim and dark conditions.

Have two front pockets, one back pocket, one on the left leg, and also a ruler pocket that has to be split open before use.

The knees are pre-bent for higher comfort and greater movement.

The waist model is now available also with +10cm longer inner leg length.

Saw protection - Yes
Class - Class 1 (20 m/s)
Eurotested - Yes
Fit - Tight