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Multipower Deep Cycle 12v 22Ah Lead Acid


Voltage: 12.0 Volt
mAh: 22000
System: Pb
Weight: 6770 gr.
Connection: M5 bolt connection

L: 18.1 cm
B: 7.6 cm
H: 17.6 cm


Do not discharge batteries deeply.

The emptier they get, the faster they deteriorate.

Preferably charge 6v batteries before they drop below 6V and 12V before they drop below 12V. Deep cycles can be discharged a little further, 5.8V and 11.6V. Recharge a battery as soon as possible if it starts to become noticeably less full.

Store batteries full.

If they are not used for a longer period of time, disconnect at least one pole from the battery so that they do not discharge through the device and recharge them after half a year and charge them before use.