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FREE Legacy Brushcutter B 22 S WORTH €220.00 (ONLINE ONLY)

The premium, heavy-duty, German engineered solo by AL-KO T20-105.6 HD V2 sports a front bumper and cruise control fitted as standard.

This quality ride-on mower is powered by a 656cc Briggs & Stratton Intek twin cylinder engine and is equipped with a 105cm (41.3″) twin-bladed cutter deck making it ideal for larger lawns up to 10,000m² in size.

A fully welded 3mm thick steel frame cast iron front axle guarantees a robust and durable tractor that can handle any mowing task.

The 23” wide profile tyres provide enhanced grip without damaging the lawn.

With the new smart Cockpit on this mower makes it much more efficient and easier to work.

Your smartphone becomes the cockpit simply by inserting it into the sturdy holder, which is suitable for smartphones from 4 to 7 inches and establishing a Bluetooth connection with the tractor.

All important data such as speed, fuel gauge, mowing efficiency, time remaining and time mowed so far, total operating hours, battery charge status, inclination display, etc. can be read directly from the cockpit.

To ensure that the smartphone is always ready for use, the solo® by AL-KO T 20-105.2 HD V2 SD has a USB charging plug with integrated dust and rain protection.

Made for cutting large lawns, the solo by AL-KO T20-105.6HD contains lots of useful features to make cutting the grass a comfortable and efficient experience.

It’s ergonomically designed to be easy to mount and dismount with plenty of legroom for comfort during use.

A comfortable, extra-wide driver’s seat that can be easily adjusted forwards and back and side-by-side individual pedals for forward and reverse driving provide comfortable, effective and intuitive mowing of the lawn.

The large 310 liter collector minimizes the number of times you need to stop to empty the grass.

Other convenient features such as the external fuel tank cap meaning you do not need to lift the bonnet to add fuel and a sports steering-wheel make the solo by AL-KO T20-105.6 lawn tractor a dream to cut grass.