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Weibang WB 506 SC 3in1

€599,00 €590,00

This lawnmower is designed to mow large areas up to 1800m².

It is equipped with a 3 in 1 system offering mulching, collection and side discharge simply by opening the side cover and inserting the side deflector.

An 8-position height adjuster lever means easy selection of cutting height. Mulching plug is fitted as standard.

  • Loncin 1P665FE-2 166cc

  • Steel Deck

  • Self Drive

  • Mulch/Collect/Side Discharge

  • 65L Grassbag

  • It has a locking lever that can be quickly released so that it is flawlessly easy to adjust the operating height.

  • It has a patented double-flanged bearing bracket which is also double bolted.

  • The 4-stroke lawn mower has professional cutting blades that ensure best effects of grass catching and keeps the noise at very low levels at the same time.

  • The mower is extraordinary in severe conditions as you can open the side cover and install the side ejection deflector for it. It is very efficient and specially designed for long and wet grass cutting.

  • The machine can stand by its back to save storage space.

  • Central control box is convenient for operation.